Pain Relieving Patch

Category: Pain Relief Patch

Size: 7*10cm or customize as your need

Function: Activate blood circulation and dissipate stasis

Description: It is effective to relief pain on knee or shoulder resulted from rheumatism,arthritis.

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Size :7*10cm or customize as your need
Color: Skin color,white,brown
Samples:Within 10bags is for free
Ingredients:Camphor,menthol,capsicum extract,health care material
Shelf life:3 years
Payment term:T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal
It can activate blood circulation and dissipate stasis.It is effective to relief pain
on knee or shoulder resulted from rheumatism,arthritis.It’s also helpful to reducing the pain of stiff shoulder,sore muscle,sprain,strain,bruises,swelling etc.
1.Clean and dry the affected areas.
2.Peel off the anti-sticking layer and apply once or twice a day.
3.The plaster should be worn for 12hours. 
1.Pregnant women,children,allergic physique should use with cautions.
2.If appear adverse reaction,like skin irritation.rashes and blisters appear,please stop using immediately.

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