Slimming & Path

Slimming Path: Kangdi beauty slimming patch, no side effects, give you a beautiful and healthy self

Strength & quality

One-stop processing service, fast delivery, to ensure that each link strictly follows the production requirements

Diversified business and considerate service

The four major product systems of Kangdi slimming patch manufacturers fully cover the big health market: middle-aged and elderly products, gynecology, pediatrics, and daily health care products.

Slimming stickers OEM/ODM can be customized to produce personalized products that meet the brand or individual's different market positioning and needs

One-to-one service and all-round guarantee

Into the system's service process and professional customer service 24h full star service, monitoring every link from design to shipment

Slimming stickers OEM/ODM can be customized to produce personalized products that meet the brand or individual's different market positioning and needs

Excellent strength and perfect qualification

The Kangdi slimming sticker manufacturer has Class I and Class II mechanical fonts, health fonts, and daily necessities batch numbers, which are in line with international standards.

Obtained ISO13485, CE, SGS and other international certifications

Magnet slimming stickers, belly slim patch, lower body slim, natural slimming stickers and other products are sold at home and abroad, and have won praise in many countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc.

The source of high-efficiency productivity development

The Kangdi slimming sticker factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has more than 180 first-line production employees, and high-level production equipment is continuously operating in an assembly line, with a daily output of 2 million pieces.

Lightning delivery, worry-free after-sales

Stable supply, sufficient inventory, fast shipment within 7-15 days

You can enjoy professional brand planning, precise marketing guidance and high-quality expert academic resources docking, making the product available is the pinnacle

Company & Profile

Henan Kangdi Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. 30+ years of manufacturers, you are trustworthy

Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., LTD has 30+ years of production experience, we meet the international quality standards, which earns customers from all over the world.

Kangdi senior pharmacist is committed to customer’s feedback, and spare no effort to meet the needs of latest market and individual. We continue to strengthen our quality assurance and research and development capabilities, we also have professional design team, custom design is available.

We endeavor to establish professional production lines which offer reliable, durable and good value products to customers.

Enterprise & Honor

Cooperative & Customization

Standardized customization process, one-stop processing service, to meet the customization needs of different customers

Demand communication

Will tell us the quantity, size, specification, material, and other requirements according to your needs.

product recommendation

We will recommend related products to you based on your quotation and your related needs.

Sample confirm

Determine your requirements, we will provide a quotation, as well as delivery items.

Product process

GMP standard production workshops, and a team of pharmacists with 20 years of experience in controlling the production environment and production processes.

Deliver products

Buyers need to pay the customized final payment before we ship the goods, and we will ship the goods in accordance with the agreement.

After-sales service

We have a complete after-sales system, one-to-one service for buyers, and provide a good and convenient trading environment.