Author:Kangdi 05-07-2022

Henan kangdi medical devices co.,ltd.,with a history of 30 years, is fever cooling gel patch manufacturer in China. Henan kangdi has both domestic and oversea market. Now we are looking for not only buyers in China,but also fever patch sourcing agent all over the world.

01. What kind of fever patch we can provided for the fever patch sourcing agent? 

Herbal, long lasting, fast effect,various flavors.Herbal:the main ingredients are menthol, borneol, purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, etc.It is applied on forehead,external use.It is safe and convenient to use.Long lasting:The cooling effect can last up to 10hours. It can keep long time reducing of the fever of children and adults. It takes effect as soon as applied it on the skin. We can add different kinds of fruit oils in the patch,which can meet children’s different favorites.

We can also design and print cartoon on the cloth. If people love the fever patch,it is also good information for fever patch sourcing agent.They can have good markets and clients based on our high quality products.Regarding the quality of the fever patch,we have CE certificate and ISO,certificate of analyses.

02. Where is the good market for fever patch? 

1.The countries where are too hot in summer. Such as Saudi Arabic, Kuwait, Egypt,etc.

2.People who are in abominable working places:Such as the high temperature workshop.Or people who are doing outdoor activities.

3.The families which have children. It is better to prepare some fever reducing patches in family, especially if you have children.

4.The people who pay much more attention to their health.They prefer the physical therapy than medicine.

03. Do you want to be a fever patch sourcing agent of us? 

No matter where are you,no matter who you are.Only if you have the idea of purchasing fever patch,you have the clients groups,we will offer you great help during business cooperation. 

There are experienced custom service team who can answer all your questions and provide all the help that we can.We produce the high quality products which can help you make good selling.We offer best price to you as we are factory our self.We provide you the promotion materials like posters,fliers,gifts,etc.As we have the experiences of marketing.We can provide the documents for registration or import documents according to your countries requirements.So,,if you have the idea to be fever patch sourcing agent,catch the chance,we are waiting for you.

We welcome both fever patch sourcing agent and other patches sourcing agent. If you are the one who have interest,ability,customer groups,please do not hesitate to contact us!

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