Author:Kangdi 11-03-2022

Cervical spondylosis is mainly caused by the loss of Kidney-Qi, veins blocked, and stasis of the meridian. It is difficult to be cured with general drugs. Conventional treatment methods such as surgery, sealing, traction, physical therapy, infrared rays, massage, acupuncture and manual reduction have no clear effect. 

Cervical Vertebra Pain Relief Patch

Mugwort Cervical Spondylosis pain relief patch has health care effect, which can be used for pain relieving of cervical spondylosis. The dried Mugwort leaves keep more fiber, less water, and also contain a lot of combustible organic matter, which can penetrate the skin into bones. Moxibustion stimulates certain acupoints on the surface of the body by burning mugwort leaves, which can warm the meridians and dispel the cold, dredge the meridians, promote the circulation of blood and remove the blood stasis, dispel the damp pathogen, nourish ‘Qi’ and blood, restore ‘Yang’ and relieve the depression, enhance the body immunity and the ability to resist disease. 

Cervical Vertebra Pain Relief Patch usage

Therefore, moxibustion is effective for many diseases. Cervical spondylosis, cervical shoulder syndrome, etc. are common clinical diseases. Applying wormwood to the neck can improve local blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and soreness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cervical spine is the route of the Governor Vessel, and the Governor Vessel is the master. For the Yang energy of the body, the wormwood hot compress can help restore Yang and nourish Qi, and make the governor channel running smoothly.