Develop history

1. 1990: 

a. We contracted state-owned enterprise-East of Henan Huaiyang Hygiene

Material Factory and began to specialized in producing pain relief plaster.

b. We acquired East of Henan Huaiyang Hygiene Material Factory and officially

renamed Henan Kangdi Hygiene Material Factory, we had our own manufacturer.

2. 2000: 

a. We registered the Logo of "Shengjie", we have our own brand.

b. We began to produce foreign trade products, our products began to have

connection with the world.

3. 2004:  We have our B2B net alibaba and began to sell products on the internet, we

well products online and off line, more and more people realize Kangdi brand on the internet.

4. 2008:  We enlarged our factory and added 5 product lines.

5. 2009: 

a. We have researched and developed "dual-color double-dose", "green plaster" and 

"fresh fragrance plaster". we opened its market and be the first band in our industry.

b. We officially renamed "Henan Kangdi Medical Device Co.,Ltd." and built our office in 

Zhengzhou, the company is mainly responsible for production operations and sales.

6. 2012:  We have applied for "Class II Medical Devices".

7. 2013: 

a. We are awarded as the 2012 top ten famous online manufacturer in central of China by Alibaba.

b. Our daily production capacity of pain reliefing plaster exceeds 4 million.

8. 2014: 

a. We researched and developed Fen-flavor pain relieving patch and opened its market.

b. We enlarge our factory.

c. We got ISO13485 Certificate of Quality Management System for Medical Devices.

9. 2015:  We enlarge our office in Zhengzhou, and to be the largest pain reliever patch factory in China, 

We have exported more than 200 countries.