In 1990, QiLei contracted pain relief patch factory which had closed "Eastern huaiyang health materials factory", in old device pain relief patch factory, almost no one believed to live.

Qi Shengnan is the last seller in the factory, at this time, many large factories ignore the small lists. However, it is the small lists that have became the saver of the factory. She use all the money to make and take the products to Xian personally. After travel around almost one week, she got the full money paid by the customer, which is one hundred thousand. Qi Shengnan almost have no rest during this week, when she go back to the hostel, she heard some one pry the window, which makes her dare not to sleep all night.

When the saver, one hundred thousand came back, which saved the whole factory. But they didn't spend the money freely. Instead, they cost the money in product and changed the equipments. QiLei believed that, they must make sure the product's quality.

Safe and healthy is the first. The result is good, new devices attracted many customers. In 1994, they buy the eastern huaiyang health materials factory officially and changed its name to: Huaiyang Kangdi Health Materials Factory. Finally, they have their own production factory. In 2000, they registered trademark of "Sheng Jie". No one thought that an old factory 10 years ago, with borrowed venture capital, could develop its own brand with a team of only a few people.