Author:Kangdi 18-03-2022

Many people don't know how many to use when using Herbal Pain Plaster. Depending on the actual situation, if you use the wrong amount of Herbal Pain Plaster, it may make the user feel that it has no effect or that the effect is too strong. Today, KANGDI will explain some of the Herbal Pain Plaster posts that are more suitable for you.

When using Herbal Pain Plaster for external use of traditional Chinese medicine, many people with bone pain will choose where to paste the pain! The knees are uncomfortable, the lumbar spine is sore, and the shoulders are a little sore. They will apply three or more plasters at the same time. How many sheets of this plaster can be applied at a time? Will there be any side effects from sticking a few more?

Some patients may feel that there are no adverse reactions to three or four sheets at a time? It should be noted that, just by looking at the administration method of Herbal Pain Plaster, we know that the absorption time of Herbal Pain Plaster is longer, and it needs to be applied according to the course of treatment, so there will be no obvious adverse reactions after an excessive application. However, after a course of treatment, the content of active ingredients is likely to exceed the therapeutic amount.

According to relevant statistics, many cases of adverse reactions and most side effects of Herbal Pain Plaster are related to excessive application and prolonged application.

In addition to the rubber patch, Herbal Pain Plaster also has a black plaster. Black plaster is a hard plaster often used in traditional Chinese medicine surgery. The plaster layer is thick and black in color. It needs to be heated before use. The application time of different Herbal Pain Plaster is also different, generally no more than 24 hours. When using these rubber patches, first follow the directions in the instructions.

Patients with pain in multiple joints can apply two pieces at a time. After the pain is relieved, they can be applied to other painful parts to prevent adverse reactions after large-scale use. Of course, there are also some adverse reactions related to the patient's allergic constitution. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly how these Herbal Pain Plasters are used.

The number of Herbal Pain Plaster patches must be applied according to the type of plaster, efficacy, physical condition, acupoints, etc. It must not be applied blindly to prevent damage to the body or no effect after application.